Rename It

Keep your Sketch files organized, batch rename layers and artboards.

Install Plugin Version: 3.0

Rename in Sequence

Sequentially rename layers in either ascending or descending order.


  • %n Ascending numbered sequence
  • %N Descending numbered sequence
  • %A Alphabet sequence

Pro Tip

  • %nn This will output 01, 02, 03 and so on
  • %a Lowercase alphabet sequence
Rename Sequence

Current Layer Name

The keyword %* will copy the current selected layer(s) name.

Layers Layers

Pro Tip - Convert Case

  • %*u% Convert to UPPER CASE
  • %*l% Convert to lower case
  • %*t% Convert to Tile Case
  • %*uf% Convert to Upper first word
  • %*c% Convert to camelCase (This will remove the spaces)
Current Layer Name

Width and Height

Rename layer with the width %W and height %H of a layer.

Icons Icons
Width and Height


The keywords buttons are helpers so you don’t have to remember all the keywords.

Find & Replace

Replace any word(s) or character(s) from selected layers.

Find and Replace

Rename Artboards

Rename selected artboards works the same way as rename selected layers. You don't need to select the artboard, it will automatically find the artboard of the selected layer(s).

Rename Artboards

Keyboard Shorcuts

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